Friday, March 14, 2008



Ok so I couldn't stay away forever! I just got the urge today to check out the ol' site...which if you haven't came from there you can check it out HERE! Yeah so, I don't know what actually made me go on that site today, but whatever it was made me decide to make a blog instead of taking so much time fooling with HTML. Yes....I'm lazy. lol :P

Time has just flown by, how sad is that. Last time I posted I was talking about Dominic graduating from Pre-school and now he is 6 and is in the "Big School". I lubs him to death! <3>

Well Dominic is doing alright in school, lots of room for improvement. But I'm still proud of him, since he was so far behind and now his speech has finally improved so much from last year. He still has a problem with pronouncing his "F's", but it's coming. :) He is enjoying school for the most part. He has had a few bad days of having his feelings hurt, but you have to take the good with the bad when growing up, especially going to school. He has quite a few friends, but would rather stay at home with Mom or Dad and play video games which I don't aprove of. So it's been supper then school work and if you did well and tried your hardest then maybe a half an hour of video games.

I myself haven't been up to much. I've been sick for most of March. I just got rid of a cold before I got this it seems like I've been battling colds all winter. Well since Dominic has been bringing the grems home from school. Oh that so sucks!!! :( We never gotten sick in the winter before he was going to school, because we would not go anywhere to catch anything. It was GREAT! :) lol Well I guess I should go back to killing grems. All I need is a white jumpsuit, some goggles, a white hoodie, and a mask and I'm all set! lol

Have a great weekend everyone!!!! :)

Happy St. Patty's!!!!